• Provision of high quality training with proven results – demonstrated in exceptional showcases, exam results, festival success, graduate success etc
  • Employment of highly qualified and experienced tutors providing links with the leading dance bodies who demonstrate continued professional development and a passion for their profession
  • High standards and expectations: It is important to look smart, be punctual, achieve, show commitment, , home practice, determination and demonstrate respect, positive attitude, good manners, ethics and enthusiasm etc. as this in return delivers quality


  • Community – providing more than just dance: offering a customer experience, friendship, fun and a ‘team’ environment
  • Making dance open and available for all to succeed and achieve: demonstrated by offering an affordable, inclusive, welcoming, accessible and varied timetable that caters all ages and ability levels from recreational to pre-vocational
  • Provision of a space where students can interact socially and healthily, improving their fitness and overall well-being, away from screens whilst developing skills for life


  • Providing a friendly, caring and supportive approach with a personal touch
  • Consideration of the ‘well-being’ of our dancers
  • Guiding them to become better people in life with enhanced skills in confidence, resilience, team work, morals and ethics
  • Trust and respect shown to and from all


  • Demonstrate integrity in all aspects of our work: a focus on the process of learning, developing, improving – what can be gained in terms of confidence, development, growth, team ethics etc. not just focusing on ‘winning’
  • A focus on the individual: each and every student is unique and will be challenged to reach their own greatest potential without comparison. Development of independence
  • Positive in our approach
  • Leaders in dance education and excellence – motivated to succeed


  • Passionate about pushing standards in creativity and performance, stepping ‘out of the box’, open to trying new things and offering varied performance opportunities
  • Keeping ‘up to date’ and current with industry progressions
  • Continually aim to update and improve