Throughout the weekly timetable we offer a wide range of classes, designed to suit all interests and to encourage a well-rounded dancer. Some classes are designed for those who wish to dance simply for fun, whilst others are suited to the more serious dancer - either way, there is plenty for all! Below is a brief explanation of what you can expect from each lesson.



Often described as 'the key dance discipline', ballet teaches grace, poise, musicality, correct posture, coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. It is one of the oldest dance forms, but is still hugely popular, and beneficial in providing a secure base for all other dance forms. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.



A fun and popular class, that develops excellent dance technique, flexibility and posture; working particularly well in combination with ballet, jazz or contemporary. Modern combines the funky, trendy use of isolations, jumps, turns and leaps found in street dance and jazz, with the solid, technical training of ballet. Modern incorporates many different styles of music, teaches students about rhythms and incorporates stretching, floor-work, strengthening, jumping, turning and leaping. It can include many different aspects of dance-styles from upbeat jazz combinations, to slower lyrical routines, contemporary pieces and even Latino or Celtic exercises. Modern is a style of dance often seen demonstrated by performers in West End musicals. We follow the ISTD syllabus.



Popular throughout the world, tap dance focuses on making fun and interesting percussive rhythms, and incorporates many different styles of music. From the funky, heavy and rhythmical 'Stomp' style of tap, through to the West End 'top hat and tails' theatrical, musical variety there really is something to suit everyone. We follow the ISTD syllabus.

Street Jazz

Our street jazz class offers a combination of styles - we follow the ISTD Bronze, Silver & Gold Jazz Exam Awards, but also include street dance sequences in the class. Incorporating many different aspects, jazz will normally include a thorough warm up, strength and flexibility work, travelling sequences and street dances taught to popular tunes. Leaps, jumps, turns, isolations and floor work; fun and high energy!


Pre-School Dance Classes (Baby Ballet)

Our Pre-School classes (3yrs +) introduce dance to our younger age range. Come along, and learn how to move and dance, whilst mums and dads can enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee! A lovely, fun and friendly, gentle introduction to the world of dance, that will help your toddlers start to develop the skills of balance, control and coordination, whilst most importantly having fun with other children! We often enjoy using our imaginations and developing dance skills through the use of games, props and musical instruments.


Pointe Work

When students reach a certain level in ballet, they may wish to go 'en pointe'. Whilst the effect is impressive, this specialised part of ballet requires significant strength and training. This class will ensure that all pupils are fully prepared and safely coached when embarking on pointe work.


Free Work Ballet & Conditioning

A non-syllabus, free-work class designed for the more advanced ballet student (at grade 5 level and beyond). The class will give you the opportunity to explore moves not covered within the syllabus, experiment with allegro, pointe work, leaps and jumps, turns, pas de deux etc and generally develop as a more experienced ballet dancer. The class also works on toning, strengthening, flexibility, stretching and cardio-vascular training; all crucial in developing a strong dancer. Highly recommended for those who are more serious about dance, to take in addition to their normal syllabus class, or those wanting to study ballet at a higher level but not take exams.


Company Classes

These classes are for the more serious dancer, looking to pursue a career in the field. Entry is by invitation only or for those enrolled on the Student Intensive Programmes. The class will cover a variety of different styles, work on festival choreography and groups, partner lifts, audition technique, additional strength and stretch, student choreography and improvisation to name just a few elements. The CAD Intensive Programme also includes entry to the 'stretch & flexilibilty' class plus the 'turns, kicks, leaps, jumps & tricks' class. If you feel you wish to be considered for this scheme, please speak to your teacher.


Adult Classes

Our adult classes are designed to offer a fun, social lesson, whilst providing a solid level of dance training. Come along, and learn to tap, or try some funky modern, jazz, ballet or street dance. We welcome all ages and abilities! The emphasis is on enjoyment, whilst improving fitness, stamina, coordination, musicality and general dance technique. Great fun, great social activity and great exercise (and no need to wear a leotard!)

Musical Theatre/Song, Dance & Drama

From West-End musicals to songs by your favourite pop-artist, the 'song, dance and drama' classes will encourage a rounded performer. An essential class for those who may be considering auditioning for professional stage school in the future, as competition for places is tough and applicants are now required to be able to sing, dance and act. This class is also suitable for those who simply love to sing and dance for fun and want to pursue their hobby in a supportive and friendly environment!

Contemporary and Lyrical Dance

A class suitable for those above the age of 13 yrs - particularly useful for those studying GCSE or A Level Dance. Contemporary dance uses techniques and methods often found in ballet and modern dance, allows students to explore choreography and dance composition, and often involves floor and contact work. Lyrical dance is a branch of modern; soft, fluid, graceful and emotional - a hugely popular dance form. This class is a fantastic opportunity to explore choreography, group work, contact dance, improvisation and develop core strength and technique, as well as performance skills.



Acrobatic Arts

The programme is based on safe and effective progressions in 5 divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. Simple thoughtful progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and somersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage! 

'Mini Classes'

A fun & exciting range of classes for our youngest students (aged 4-7 years) in musical theatre, tap, modern. ballet, acro and jazz.